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Why Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth

Are you planning a family vacation to Disneyland this summer? If so, notice how they attend to the details of what makes you happy. Disney understands what you, the customer, wants before you do. Several years ago I attended a Disney seminar for leaders and was amazed at their organization’s attention to their customer’s needs […]

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Spring Forth with Renewed Energy

Spring is a time of releasing old burdens and planting something new and exciting that make your Spirit soar—both personally and as an organization. What could you plant now that will lead to a bountiful harvest this Fall? Consider growing your company as you would grow a plentiful garden on fertile ground. During our strategic planning […]

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Workplace-It’s All About Love!

What does love and Valentine’s Day have to do with business? In a nutshell, everything! Customers and employees who feel loved are more loyal to your company. Employees who love their bosses and their jobs perform better. Customers and employees who feel loved share their experiences with others. What if this is true: “It’s all […]

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Creating Strategic Alignment

What I love about a well-done strategic planning process is that it accomplishes collaboration and cooperation throughout your organization. Having everyone participate in the process naturally creates enthusiastic buy-in and support all the way from the top tier of the organization to the frontline. The Strategic Alignment Model shows what’s possible with respect to involving […]

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Jump Start 2017

With 2016 nearly wrapped up, I hope that you are taking a deep, contemplative breath and a little time for personal reflection. Every year we weave a unique tapestry of adventures we have experienced, successes we have accomplished, and setbacks we have suffered. Reflect on the Past Year Part of my ritual this time of […]

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Facilitation Tips to Energize and Streamline Your Meetings

When asked to facilitate a group meeting, equip yourself with the right tools to energize the participants and accomplish the objectives. Last week I had the honor and pleasure to facilitate an afternoon SCORE workshop for a group of small business owners titled, A Strategic Planning Process that Energizes Your Business. Being directly after lunch, […]

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12 Steps to Creating an Inspiring Strategic Plan (Part 2)

  (This is the second of two posts highlighting this powerful 12-step process. Click here to read about the first 6-steps in last week’s article.) Energize and engage your employees with an inspiring strategic planning process that helps everyone get clear, get organized, get going, and get results. That’s what successful businesses do. Here are the remaining […]