Have you assessed the success of your organization lately?

This quick and easy Circle of Success Organizational Assessment Tool (TM) will take you only 10 minutes to visually see what’s going well and what to improve in your company.

Overview of the Circle of Success Organizational Assessment Tool (TM)


Circle of Success Organizational Assessment ToolThe Business Energizers® Circle of Success Organizational Assessment Tool is an organizational medicine wheel.

For several decades, I have been using this simple, yet revealing tool when I work with the organizations to facilitate strategic planning. The tool:

  • Provides leaders with a quick visual assessment of many of the ingredients that generate success and profitability in organizations.
  • Enables you and your employees to see at a glance the “flat spots” that are hobbling your organization.
  • Reveals the areas in which you are maximizing your potential.
  • Engages employees as a teambuilding exercise.

Understanding the Circle of Success

  • You’ll notice that there are four quadrants in this wheel: (1) Planning; (2) Staffing; (3) Teambuilding; (4) Processes.
  • Each quadrant has 4-sectors, or focus areas. These are 16 areas where you can invest energy and resources.
  • Superimposed on the Circle of Success is a horizontal scale identified by 10 concentric circles with zero (“0”) in the center and “10” on the outer circumference. Here’s how it works…

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