Strategic Alignment Model for Employee Engagement in the Strategic Planning ProcessDo you have strategic alignment such that your employees are on the same page,

moving in the same direction,

toward the same common goals?



Engage Employees in the Strategic Planning Process

What I love about a well-done strategic planning process is that it accomplishes collaboration and cooperation throughout your organization.

Having everyone participate in the process naturally creates enthusiastic buy-in and support all the way from the top tier of the organization to the frontline.

Create Strategic Alignment

The Strategic Alignment Model above shows what’s possible with respect to involving more and more people in the process as it unfolds. It is a natural, cascading effect—similar to water flowing down terraces in a mountain stream. Here are the steps:

  1. In the beginning, the C-SUITE LEADERS of the organization define and agree upon the CORE PURPOSE of the enterprise.
  2. Then, MIDDLE MANAGEMENT becomes actively engaged with the top leaders in creating the relevant VALUES, MISSION, VISION, GOALS, and STRATEGIES, with further input and constructive review from other frontline leaders.
  3. Next, the top leaders and middle-management engage FRONTLINE LEADERS in establishing the TACTICS and BEGINNING THE ACTION PLANS.
  4. Then, the frontline leaders engage their STAFF such that every employee is empowered to give detailed input to complete the ACTION PLANS.
  5. And finally, departments and their INDIVIDUAL WORKERS establish personal goals and tasks which can now be tailored to accomplish some element of the overall strategic plan as part of each participant’s INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN (IDP).

Gain Enthusiastic Support and Buy-in

By the end of the process, your organization will be crackling with energy. Everyone will be involved. You and your employees will feel energized.

By involving everyone in the process, you will naturally earn your employees’ enthusiastic support and buy-in because they will realize that they are an integral part of creating your new direction.

It will not be just your plan. It will be everyone’s plan.

Everyone will have a vested interest in the success of the organization. That’s what true ownership is.

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