Goals Energize Our Lives-Ray and Lyn achieving their Italy goal

Ray and Lyn celebrating their 25th anniversary in Italy 2022.

Goals energize our lives.

Goals provide us greater clarity, focus, and direction for living more joyful, fulfilling, and meaningful lives.


These tips will have you setting goals the SMART WAY.

Make them…

  • Specific(not too vague),
  • Measurable(so you know the progress you’re making),
  • Attainable(but a definite stretch),
  • Relevant(in alignment with your purpose, values, mission, and vision), and…
  • Time-bound(scheduled milestones). It is also important that you have them be…
  • Written(this makes them more solid), and build in…
  • Accountability(hence the need for individual development plans for your employees) and, finally, have a strong…
  • Yearningto achieve them (never underestimate the power of enthusiasm).

Here is a good example of a goal statement

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3 new year rituals to re-energize your businessThis time of year, I enjoy practicing 3 rituals to re-energize myself and my business that I think you’ll find valuable as well. At the beginning of each year, I reflect on where I’ve been, celebrate where I am now, and project where I want to go. 


Here are the 3 new year rituals I suggest you practice to re-energize yourself and your business:  Reflect, Celebrate, and Project

  1. Reflect on the Past Year

  • List all the successes that you have achieved personally and that your team has achieved together.
  • Identify all the adversities or problems you have overcome personally and as a team. Realize that they were truly blessings in disguise that will help you deal with similar issues in the future.
  • Use the successes and lessons learned during the past year as a springboard to new adventures in 2023.

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