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Core Values create and enduring organizational cultureWhat does your organization stand for—your Core Values?

Create an Enduring Company Culture

Successful business owners understand how vital a company’s Core Values are to creating a company culture that results in HAPPY, PRODUCTIVE, SUCCESSFUL EMPLOYEES, which, in turn, leads to HAPPY CUSTOMERS and a healthy bottom-line.


“The only truly reliable source of stability is a strong inner core [purpose and values] and the willingness to change and adapt everything except that core.”

~Jim Collins & Jerry Porras, authors of Built to Last


Your Core Values…

  • are your guide for WEATHERING ETHICAL DILEMMAS.
  • become the fabric for weaving GOOD SOUND DECISIONS.
  • serve as your employees’ MORAL COMPASS.
  • form your lasting LEGACY.

Core Values are the root system of your organization helping…

  • nourish and STABILIZE your company spreading wide and deep.
  • weather storms and the winds of CHANGE.
  • your organization STAND THE TEST OF TIME.

Core Values answer the questions:

  • How do I want to be treated?
  • How our customers want to be treated?
  • What do we choose to stand for as an organization?

Once you’ve defined your company’s Core Values, be sure to integrate them throughout your organization by implementing conscious, consistent, deliberate actions to keep them alive in everything you and your employees do.

Now it’s time to create a lasting legacy that you choose to stand for.

What are your organization’s Core Values?

How are you going to keep them alive?


Much success and fulfillment,

Ray Madaghiele

Chief Inspiration Officer, Business Energizers™


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