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Ray is the author of Energize Your Business: Engage Your Employees with an Inspiring Strategic Planning Process ​in which he shares insights into building a more collaborative, high-performing organizational culture and a more profitable business.

After reading this book, you will view strategic planning in a new light as one of the best ways to truly engage your employees in the success of your organization.

You’ll see just how easy, fun, and inspiring the process can be for everyone involved!

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Rendezvous with the spectacular — Grow and expand your business

We feel most alive and energized when we are consciously creating something new.

Learn how to master the four phases of the C.O.A.R. strategic planning process to create your next level of business success.

During this FREE online class you will receive practical insights and tools to strengthen your C.O.A.R.

  • Clarify your focus
  • Organize and prioritize commitments
  • Act with conviction, so you
  • Realize success and fulfillment

Develop Your Organization’s Strategic Plan
Through Collaboration

Learn how to facilitate a strategic planning process for your organization that will achieve the following benefits:

  • Create an inspiring and empowering culture in which your people are focused on what matters most to the success of your organization
  • Gain enthusiastic support for your Strategic Plan
  • Strengthen accountability by creating alignment and buy in throughout your organization
  • Improve communication and teamwork through greater understanding and appreciation of each team member’s value to your organization

Guide Resources

Workshops and Presentation Downloads

SCORE Workshop

A Strategic Planning that Energizes your Business

 Participant Guidebook
 Action Plan Spreadsheet
 PowerPoint Slides

SCORE Small Business Symposium

Deliver Extraordinary Value to Your Customers

 Participant Guidebook
 PowerPoint Slides

SCORE Small Business Symposium

Hiring and Training a High-Performance Team

 Participant Guidebook
PowerPoint Slides

Success Tools from Lyn Madaghiele

Great Cards and Virtual Assistance

Showing appreciation is an important part of your business — your customers, clients, and employees will remember you as one who cares — which leads to increased revenues, referrals, and enhanced loyalty. Try some of Lyn’s services:

SendOutCards System
An efficient, easy, and economical appreciation tool to express gratitude and celebrate successes.

Virtual Assistance
Your business will thrive with greater efficiency as the result of my outstanding detail-oriented virtual administrative and customer support services.