Are you looking to grow and expand your business and life? There’s and art and science to it. The art is choosing to create an intention (or goal) you love that is meaningful to you and others. The science is invoking the universal creation process to realize your inspired idea.

Invoking the 4-Phase Creation Process

Each of us has been born with the same power to create the reality we desire. In each moment, we get to choose to be a creator or a reactor in life. A creative life is a joyful, expansive life. A reactive life is a stressful, contractive life. As human beings, we feel most alive and energized when we are consciously creating something new.

If you are satisfied with what is showing up in your life, do more of that. If you don’t like what’s showing up, do something different to create a more satisfying experience. The four phases of creation to manifest any inspired idea or intention are:

  1. Imagine
  2. Visualize
  3. Expect
  4. Allow

Here’s what each of the phases entail.

Phase 1: Imagine

All ideas and intentions come from our imagination (the invisible) much like all matter comes from the atomic cosmic soup called plasma.

We live in a world full of an infinite contrast of experiences and opportunities. An abundant smorgasbord of possibilities. Many we do not want to experience. Some we would love to experience. Even though we don’t always want everything that shows up in our life, we get to choose which to accept and which to delete.

Every new creation first begins with an inspired idea (intention) and an intense desire. Before pursuing an intention ask yourself, “Do I love this idea enough to expend the energy necessary to bring it forth into reality?” If your answer is yes, it’s time to build momentum toward the intention by clarifying your big “Why”—the purpose for why you desire to invest energy in this intention. These questions will help you discover your big “Why”:

  • Why do I desire or love this idea or intention?
  • Why does this idea or intention need to exist to serve me and others?
  • Why do I need to be the one to do it?
  • Why do I deserve to manifest it?

Trust your intuition (gut feel) that your “why” is meaningful enough to invest energy into. This is the beginning point of building commitment and potential energy toward realizing your intention. It is similar to the attractive forces that cause hydrogen and oxygen atoms in plasma to form water vapor.

“Commitment: An agreement or pledge to do something in the future.”
~ Merriam-Webster

Catch the momentum of your thoughts early on when exploring this intention to be sure you are focusing your attention on what is most satisfying. When your desire is strong enough, any limiting beliefs, doubts and fears will dissolve. You’ve got to believe it to see it. If it’s not believable or logical, it will be difficult to manifest. Imagine the universe knocking itself out to fulfill your desires and intentions.

During this phase, don’t worry about “how” to accomplish it. This is the biggest mistake many of us make that thwarts our progress toward developing any intention or goal. You will identify “how” in Phase 3.

Phase 2: Visualize

It’s time to identify the “What”—to get a clear, vivid picture of what the intention looks like when it’s fully materialized. Make your vision so vivid and sensory rich that you can feel the same feelings you will have when it is realized. Successful athletes use this very technique to boost their performance.

Creating a clear, vivid mental picture of our intention causes us we feel more energized and confident, and increases our belief. Hope rises. Commitment elevates to conviction.

“Conviction: A strong persuasion or belief; The state of being convinced.”
~ Merriam-Webster

Keep your focus on inspiring and satisfying thoughts, words and actions that continue to point toward the desired intention(s) we want to manifest in our life. Satisfaction is the state of feeling contented, with no internal resistance or doubt. Satisfaction comes from continually moving toward our intention. This becomes the focal point of attracting what we desire.

Infuse enough potential energy to build a head of steam propelling your intention away from your fear and doubts (internal resistance). It’s similar to turning up the heat under a tea kettle sufficiently enough to overcome the surface tension of water, releasing whistling water vapor.

This phase is when the imagined idea transforms from a dream to a clear, specific goal and its more bite-sized objectives and strategies. Identify as many pieces of the puzzle that you can envision. Then, organize and assemble the pieces to form a clear picture of “what” the intention will look fully realized.

Phase 3: Expect

Next, keep focusing your attention on your desired intention. Keep thinking, speaking and doing those things that inspire and satisfy you. Continue to move forward.

Strong desire and satisfying feelings direct our conscious mind’s reticular activating system to allow in what we want and filter out what we don’t want.

This phase requires a leap of faith to spring to action even though you may not have all the answers yet. Staying focused on “why” you desire this intention helps overcome fear or doubt that can impede your progress. It’s time to either decide “yes” you are going to do it, or “no” you’re not. If you choose “yes,” dedicate whatever resources are necessary. Be clear and honest with yourself. A wishy-washy decision will produce wishy-washy results.

Your moving to action transforms potential energy into the kinetic energy. Create an action plan to implement your intention/goal that includes the following:

  • Tasks or steps to take
  • Schedule of projected milestones
  • Resources required (i.e., people, money, materials, etc.)

As you implement your action plan, be like water and flow along the path of least resistance. Our actions along the path toward our intention should be fluid. Remain flexible, open and receptive to any opportunities that you attract to you.  Seize those opportunities that are most satisfying and advance you toward your desired intention with greater momentum.

Wherever possible, involve others in executing actions. There is a compounding of energy that occurs when others of like-mind come together with the same desires, beliefs and expectations—the power is exponential.

Phase 4: Allow

When something is meant to be, nothing can stop it from materializing.

Keep believing. Be patient. Timing is everything. Be an open and receptive conduit for what is coming your way. Timing of some things may precede others even though they were projected differently in your action plan. That’s normal. In all the projects I have planned and led, seldom have things unfolded exactly as I envisioned. Allow it. Adjust to it.

“Timing really is nearly everything. And what it isn’t, circumstance makes up for.”
~ Steven Van Zandt

Keep focusing your energy on your desired intention. Stay inspired and satisfied moment by moment. Know that things are lining up for you all the time. Don’t dwell too much on what’s not manifesting, instead, marvel in what is unfolding.

Trust your inner guidance on which actions are best to pursue in each moment. Each moment you put energy into manifesting your intention it continues to crystallize and solidify, much like water turning to ice and forming a magnificent ice sculpture.

Be fascinated and trust the process. Prepare to rendezvous with the spectacular. Know that the universe is always conspiring to fulfill your desires and intentions—to surprise and delight you.

Much success and fulfillment with realizing your goals,


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