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Successful Businesses Get Going Quickly with Implementation

20-3rd Phase Intro-Fig10-P110-Get Going COI 2015-05-08Once you “Get Clear” and “Get Organized” it’s time to “Get Going” with everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction. Successful businesses know how important it is to move into action quickly after the direction has been set.

In my previous two blog posts I shared the first 5 steps of the strategic planning process that help you to “Get Clear” about the direction of your organization, and three steps to “Get Organized”. The focus of this blog is moving into action.

Here are the next 2 steps of the strategic planning process cycle to help you “Get Going”…

9.  Prepare for Ignition – Jack Welch said, “When it comes to strategy, ponder less and do more.” After you have defined your Goals, Objectives and Strategies, it’s time to identify how you are going to achieve them—tactically. It’s time to pay attention to the details—to identify the detailed Tactics (action steps), to schedule the timeline for accomplishing them, to identify the resources required, and to assign people to each task.

Now the proverbial “rubber meets the road.” Up to this point, you have been building potential energy, similar to that of rollercoaster cars climbing the initial big hill. Now it’s time for kinetic energy to take over as the rollercoaster cars rush down from the top of the hill—as you put your plans into action! It can be very exciting—and sometimes a little scary. So remember, too, that it’s time to step into your fear and experience the fruits of your labor.

Jack Canfield says, “Remember, you and you alone are responsible for maintaining your energy. Give up blaming, complaining, and excuse-making, and keep taking action in the direction of your goals–however mundane or lofty they may be.”

10.  Keep the Energy Flowing – Napoleon Hill said, “All natural laws and all of nature’s plans are based upon harmonious, cooperative effort.” So, who is responsible for the success of your new strategic plan? Everyone! Gain enthusiastic support and buy-in for the plan by involving ALL employees in the process. Assign everyone a piece of the puzzle to help keep the plan alive. Once your action plans are complete, the task at hand is to keep them alive, employing everyone’s cooperation and collaboration. Don’t let your planning book gather dust on a shelf, never to be seen again until next year’s planning retreat. Allow your strategic plan to be a living, breathing guide to individual and organizational success.

Done right, the strategic plan should guide everyone’s actions by constantly reminding them of the most important use of their time. Create an environment where everyone collaborates to deliver “24k Gold Service” that improves customer and employee loyalty and maximizes profitability.

What do you do to “Get Going” with everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction?

Much success and fulfillment,


Chief Inspiration Officer
Business Energizers™

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