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Human Relations Principle #8 to Become a Friendlier Person

Make yourself agreeable to earn the interest of others.




Human Relations Principle 8: Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.

(“How to interest people.”)

(This is the eighth in a series of articles where I will encapsulate each of Dale Carnegie’s timeless, life-changing principles for dealing with people. (Adapted from How to Win Friends and Influence People.))*

Talk about things you know will interest the other person. Take the trouble to find out what he or she is interested in, and what he or she enjoys talking about.

Talking in terms of the other person’s interests pays off for both parties. You will receive a different reward from each person but in general the reward you will receive will be an enlargement of your life each time you speak to someone . . .

Theodore Roosevelt Knew the Royal Road to a Person’s Heart

Everyone who was ever a guest of Theodore Roosevelt was astonished at the range and diversity of his knowledge. Whether his visitor was a cowboy or a Rough Rider, a New York politician or a diplomat, Roosevelt knew what to say. How did he do it?

Simple. Whenever Roosevelt expected a visitor, he sat up late the night before, reading up on the subject in which he knew his guest was particularly interested. For Roosevelt knew, as all leaders know, that the royal road to a person’s heart is to talk about the things he or she treasures most.

This week, be more interesting by talking in terms of the other person’s interests.

Much success and fulfillment with mastering human relations,



* The best guide on effective human relations that I have ever encountered is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, published in 1936. Prior to writing the book, Carnegie spent 20 years researching the habits of successful people. The book has sold over 30 million copies and is still listed on Amazon’s top 100 best selling books.

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