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Create a Balanced and Fulfilling Life

Balanced and Fulfilling LifeDo you want to create a balanced and fulfilling life? Do you feel like your life is spinning out of control with all the chaos and turbulence that we have been experiencing lately in the world in the form of Covid, hurricanes, wildfires, and politics, etc.?

If so, now is the perfect time to refocus your attention on the things that you can control and restore balance back to your life. Don’t let others dictate what you should focus on. Invest some personal time on self-discovery to refocus your energy on the important areas of your life. This quick self-assessment can help.

Staying fulfilled and successful is a continuous balancing act. Things are in a constant state of fluxchanging and transforming from one state to another.

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and out of balance it is time to reassess how you are spending your time and refocus your attention on the things that matter most to you. Remember…

There is no guarantee of tomorrow, so live more fully today. 

~ Ray of Hope Inspiring Peace by Ray Madaghiele

3 Steps to Create a Balanced and Fulfilling Life 

  1. Assess Where You Are 

We are each working to balance the key areas of our life with the 24-hours per day we have allotted to us.  This can cause us to sometimes get out of balance in areas of our life that are important to us. How balanced is your life right now? On the Wheel of Life Assessment, rate your present level of happiness and satisfaction in each of the key areas of your life identified.  How fulfilled and successful do you feel in each area? A ten (10) indicates that you are completely satisfied and couldn’t be more satisfied if you tried.  A zero (0) indicates that you have “no life” (no satisfaction) in that area. Rate yourself as you see yourself now in all the areas of your life. Be as honest with yourself as possible. Try not to over-think your answers. Trust your initial feelings.Life-Fulfillment Assessment

  1. Identify Areas for Improvement 

Now, plot your scores from the Assessment above, in each corresponding sector at the appropriate concentric circle level (Zero is at the center; 10 at the outer edge).

Wheel of Life-Fulfillment

See the following example. Low or flat spots in your wheel are areas to focus your attention on to optimize. These are areas that are good candidates for setting goals and creating action plans.

Wheel of Life-Fulfillment Example

Look at your results and answer these questions:

    • Can your wheel roll (it is quite difficult for a flat tire to roll)?
    • What areas of your wheel have low/flat spots that are causing your life to be out of balance?
    • Which of these low/flat areas of life would you like to improve now?
    • Why do you desire to improve these areas?
  1. Create an Action Plan and Implement It

Identify goals, objectives, strategies and tactics to get your life back in balance. Commit time and resources daily to get your wheel back into balance while, at the same time, being conscious of not knocking the other areas of your life too far out of balance.

This Wheel of Life-Fulfillment exercise is a good quick assessment to perform anytime you are feeling that your life is getting too far out of balance. It will help you to keep focusing your attention on areas that will make a positive difference in your level of fulfillment and success.

Much success and fulfillment,



This article is from my upcoming book, Energize and Balance Your Life: Create Your Personal Life-Fulfillment Plan. This book guides you step-by-step up the path to manifesting your desires.

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