A strategic plan is both the roadmap and the compass for your organization. When your plan is done well, it enables you to get clear, get organized, get going, and get results as quickly as possible—so you can get on with operating your day-to-day business.

There are four phases of the process to create your strategic plan:

  • In the 1st Phase, you and your team get clear about the direction to take the organization and why to do it;
  • In the 2nd Phase, you will learn what will motivate your team to get organized and be on the same page, moving in the same direction, and why to do it;

  • In the 3rd Phase, you will learn what will cause your team to get going efficiently and effectively with implementing your action plans and why it’s important to keep the plan alive;
  • In the 4th Phase, you will learn how to ensure that your teams get results that exceed your desires and expectations.

My hope is that you will see strategic planning as one of the best ways to truly engage your employees in the success of your organization and just how easy, fun and inspiring the process can be for everyone involved.

Much success and fulfillment for the New Year,



If you are a business owner, thinking of starting a new business, or are a leader in an organization, an upcoming class will help you to jump start your strategic planning process and make 2017 your best year yet. It is my honor to partner again with Greater Phoenix SCORE to facilitate this engaging how-to class, A Strategic Planning Process that Energizes Your Business. (Click Here to Learn More)

Ray is the author of the book Energize Your Business: Engage Your Employees with an Inspiring Strategic Planning Process. Learn more or purchase at www.EnergizeYourBusiness.biz.

Ray Madaghiele is Chief Inspiration Officer at Business Energizers™, a division of Transformational Learning Center, an organizational and human excellence company.

Ray helps to “inspire hope and awaken greatness” in organizations by having them…

  • Get Clear about their unique company culture and strategic direction
  • Get Organized to achieve their vision, mission and goals
  • Get Going with everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction
  • Get Results in the form of success and fulfillment
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