Practice Purity, Patience, and Purity

Twenty years ago, I learned a valuable life-principle for dealing with chaos and uncertainty that has helped me to better cope with 2020 by practicing purity, patience, and perseverance.

My three trips to an ashram in India from 1996 to 2001 continued to reinforce the importance of living this revitalizing triad of values. It has served me well especially when dealing with chaos and uncertainty like we are collectively experiencing today. Here is how you can feel greater confidence, comfort, and calm by applying the 3 P’s—purity, patience, and perseverance—to your life and business…

The 3Ps: Purity, Patience, and Perseverance

“You are the master of the moments of your life.”

~Paramahansa Yogananda

Purity: Stay…

  • clear and aligned with your purpose, values, and desired intention
  • pointed toward feeling satisfied and optimistic moment-by-moment
  • centered, balanced, and organized to deal with whatever arises

Patience: Be patient and kind with…

  • yourself and your shortcomings
  • others—refrain from judging their motivations
  • the process and all involved—trust and allow things to unfold organically

Perseverance: Continue to…

  • be an open channel for receiving inspired ideas to move forward
  • infuse energy to propel you toward your desired intention
  • nudge things along bit-by-bit without pushing too hard

In all your endeavors, choose an attitude of gratitude. Celebrate small successes. Show appreciation to all in your circle of influence. Enjoy the journey.

Much success and fulfillment,


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