Strategic Planning Session Facilitated by Ray
— One that facilitates; especially: one that helps to bring about an outcome (as learning, productivity, or communication) by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision.
~Merriam Webster Dictionary

Assure you have an inspiring, engaging and productive meeting that accomplishes your desired objectives.

The success of your meeting facilitation depends upon selecting the right facilitator. This person will be the foundation upon which everything is built during the process.

It is critical that you choose a neutral facilitator(s) in order to guarantee that everyone’s voice will be heard. An experienced facilitator will guide the process without bias, ask the tough questions, and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to provide input. A skilled, seasoned facilitator will keep things fun, engaging, and on track by using an array of tools in his or her facilitation tool box—including storyboarding, small group activities, teambuilding elements, interactive dialogue, and intimate experiences—all seamlessly interwoven throughout the natural unfoldment of the process.

The science of facilitation is the step-by-step activity. It is what needs to be done to complete each element of the process, while progressively asking the right questions at the right time—each question building upon the next.

The art of facilitation is how you go about accomplishing it. It involves sensing the energy of the participants and knowing when to ask a tough question that will reveal the “elephant in the room”—a vital issue that is screaming for attention and crying out to be resolved. The art requires listening beneath the words for deeper meaning. It entails using uplifting energy and wit to lighten up tense situations.

The success of your facilitated meeting will depend upon how safe people feel in sharing their deepest thoughts and feelings. For this level of comfort to occur, participants need to believe that the facilitator is a neutral party without a political or predetermined agenda. When done with pure intent, being a facilitator is a selfless role.


We all truly appreciate the way you made a usually tedious and difficult process seem so easy. Your facilitation was well prepared, your delivery polished, and the end result speaks directly to what we all had in mind.
~Duane Black, former C.O.O., SunCor Development; Co-author, The Hands Off Manager

“It was Ray who taught me that through teamwork we can accomplish incredible things…Ray is a person of integrity. He is someone I trust, respect and admire. He is creative and works hard both professionally and in his service to the town.” ~Hon. Cynthia Dunham, former Mayor, Town of Gilbert, AZ; Executive Director and Founder, The Leadership Centre

“Ray is a thoughtful professional who helps his clients realize their potential to be better organizations, leaders, and managers. He utilizes the right blend of technical insight, organizational management, and personal development tools to foster positive and strategic growth. A man of integrity and action, Ray is a dependable professional who delivers quality work products.” ~Casey Denny, Vice President, Asset Management, Columbus Regional Airport Authority; Past President, Southwest Chapter of AAAE