that inspire Hope and Awaken Greatness . . .

Ultimate Employee EngagementRay speaking

  • Achieve enthusiastic support and buy-in from employees
  • Build a strong foundation of trust and understanding with employees
  • Develop employees to align with their talents and passions

Deliver 24k Gold Service

  • Inspire others to overcome obstacles and reach new heights
  • Be a model of serving others with compassion
  • Be a powerful steward of the purpose, values & vision of your organization and community

Ray Speaking to AudienceAwaken Your Greatness

  • Realize your highest purpose and potential
  • Accomplish greater balance and harmony
  • Achieve your goals and intentions

Ray Madaghiele (Ray of Hope) is an experienced speaker and proven business leader with a strong history of delivering dynamic, entertaining and interactive, keynote speeches and/or training sessions to a wide range of organizations. His many years of transformational motivational speaking energize and provide practical and innovative solutions. Ray’s training programs cover a wide range of subjects including Communication, Leadership, Organization, Team Work, and Commitment. My personal experience with Ray is that his effective delivery is exceptionally well-polished and charismatic, which engages the audience while providing a safe and relaxed ambiance.
~Deb Schwalm, Self-Employed Artist

“If you are looking for a dynamic, inspiring guest speaker, workshop leader, or Board facilitator, Ray Madaghiele is your man!” ~Joel Baehr, Past President, Unity Worldwide Ministries