Leadership Success Coaching provides extraordinary opportunities for a leader to evolve to the next level of personal and professional success and fulfillment. Coaching provides one with an accountability partner to accelerate achievement of goals and aspirations that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish alone. Here are some tangible benefits of coaching:

  • Focus on fully utilizing one’s strengths and living into one’s greatest potential
  • Become a more decisive and skillful thinker
  • Improve one’s personal and professional effectiveness
  • Balance personal and professional life
  • Set relevant, meaningful and specific goals
  • Move beyond obstacles, weaknesses and victim-like thinking
  • Achieve greater success and fulfillment in all areas of life

As a skilled coach and business professional for more than 25-years,
Ray Madaghiele has the intuitive ability to draw the best out of people.
Ray has a unique and effective coaching style and approach:

  • Sees and draws the best out of people
  • Listens intently for the meaning beneath the spoken word
  • Offers supportive, inspiring and encouraging insights
  • Provides honest, compassionate feedback and gentle, yet firm,
  • Asks thoughtful questions that achieve frequent breakthroughs and
    “ah-ha” moments
  • Provides a safe, trusting environment for exploring deeply meaningful subjects
  • Maintains the confidentiality of whatever is discussed with the participant

Of all the training courses and seminars that I’ve attended while employed at WGA, no course has even come close to changing the way I conduct myself, professionally and personally, as much as the personal leadership coaching sessions have. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in improving the way they live and manage their life. ~
Brian Sexton, Supervisor, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (formerly Williams Gateway Airport)

“I have known Ray for over 20 years, and I suppose all that time, he really has served as my ‘life coach.’ However, more recently, we have formalized our relationship to consult on a regular basis regarding all my business endeavors. Let me assure you: Ray understands the laws of success and will help keep you on the path.  You’ll hear truth from him, and you will move forward toward realizing your greatest dreams.” ~Chief Master Bill Babin, ATA 8th Degree Black Belt and Business Owner