Here’s what our clients are saying about our services . . .

“Ray is not only a talented writer, but he is a wonderful human being. His gifts are many, and he uses his talents to improve the lives of everyone. He is sincere about giving back and lives that life to the fullest. I am honored to recommend Ray, his writing, and his professional work.”
~Jerry Simmons, Managing Partner, INDI Group

“It is with great enthusiasm that I highly recommend Ray to any business interested in facilitation, strategic planning, or leadership coaching. Ray served as the facilitator for the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Annual Board Retreat and did a tremendous job of keeping our group focused and action-oriented. We had a limited amount of time to prioritize an action plan and build consensus. I’m pleased to say we were able to accomplish this with Ray’s expertise and skills to draw on the strengths of the group.”
~Kathy Tilque, President/CEO, Gilbert Chamber of Commerce

“I have known Ray for over 20 years, and I suppose all that time, he really has served as my ‘life coach.’ However, more recently, we have formalized our relationship to consult on a regular basis regarding all my business endeavors. Let me assure you: Ray understands the laws of success and will help keep you on the path. I read all the great books and understood everything in them about success, but when it comes to the details of YOUR OWN business life, you will not believe how cunning your mind can be, justifying all sorts of thoughts and feelings that feed your ego but take you off the path of success. That’s where Ray comes in. You’ll hear truth from him, and you will move forward toward realizing your greatest dreams.”
~Chief Master Bill Babin, ATA 8th Degree Black Belt and Business Owner

“If you are looking for a dynamic, inspiring guest speaker, workshop leader, or Board facilitator, Ray Madaghiele is your man!”
~Joel Baehr, Past President, Unity Worldwide Ministries

“We all truly appreciate the way you made a usually tedious and difficult process seem so easy. Your facilitation was well prepared, your delivery polished, and the end result speaks directly to what we all had in mind.”
~Duane Black, former C.O.O., SunCor Development; Co-author, The Hands Off Manager

“The Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community worked with Ray on 10 different occasions, at various levels of the organization in strategic planning and teambuilding. Ray’s facilitation style and approach works very well for us. I recommend Ray for any organization that embarks on the Strategic Planning journey.”
~Bryan D. Meyers, Community Manager, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

“Beginning with a Statement of Values, a Mission Statement, and a Purpose Statement, you have guided us through the wholesale revamping of our Strategic Business Plan and helped us identify our strengths and weaknesses. This guidance has strengthened the foundation of our organization…”
~Lynn Kusy, former Executive Director, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

“It was Ray who taught me that through teamwork we can accomplish incredible things…Ray is a person of integrity. He is someone I trust, respect and admire. He is creative and works hard both professionally and in his service to the town.”
~Hon. Cynthia Dunham, former Mayor, Town of Gilbert, AZ; Executive Director and Founder, The Leadership Centre

“Ray is a thoughtful professional who helps his clients realize their potential to be better organizations, leaders, and managers. He utilizes the right blend of technical insight, organizational management, and personal development tools to foster positive and strategic growth. A man of integrity and action, Ray is a dependable professional who delivers quality work products.”
~Casey Denny, Vice President, Asset Management, Columbus Regional Airport Authority; Past President, Southwest Chapter of AAAE

“Ray Madaghiele (Ray of Hope) is an experienced speaker and proven business leader with a strong history of delivering dynamic, entertaining and interactive, keynote speeches and/or training sessions to a wide range of organizations. His many years of transformational motivational speaking energize and provide practical and innovative solutions. Ray’s training programs cover a wide range of subjects including Communication, Leadership, Organization, Team Work, and Commitment. My personal experience with Ray is that his effective delivery is exceptionally well-polished and charismatic, which engages the audience while providing a safe and relaxed ambiance.”
~Deb Schwalm, Self-Employed Artist

“Ray is an engaging person who is down to earth and has a tremendous appeal to his audience…
“Your remarks were meaningful, entertaining, and inspirational; and your dynamic manner of presentation resulted in getting your points across to the audience. I was particularly impressed with how well you ‘worked the room’ in your presentation. Your ability to make your audience have fun, while probing some deep subjects are an outstanding combination.
“Through your message and approach with audience participation, you captivated their attention throughout our session… which wowed the group of approximately 50 upper-level airport human resources and financial professionals from all over North America… who in turn gave you the highest ratings possible for your presentation.”
~Nancy Zimini, Sr. VP Administration & Operations, Airports Council International-North America

“You’re amazing! I really appreciate your help and commitment on this project. You got us to produce lots of ideas, and that will help us greatly going forward.”
~Greg Tilque, President, Gilbert Sister Cities; Senior Economic Specialist, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

“I met Ray when he facilitated our Board’s Annual Planning Retreat. He was excellent at this—very focused on taking us from where we were to considering new ideas together and coming to some helpful conclusions. His compassion for mankind— people around the globe and how we can come to work better together to make the world a better place—is something I carry with me today after almost 10 years. Since that time, we have had other times we have partnered in a project or event. He is organized, pays attention to detail, is always so pleasant to be around, and the end results are really great. I have the highest regard for Ray and his work ethics and would tell anyone who has the pleasure of working with Ray that they are in for a wonderful experience!”
~Anne Taylor, Business Manager, Arizona Interfaith Movement

“This book will provide you with a jumping off point and a kick-in-the-pants to get energized and take action to make your own organization better. Ray is a great facilitator, trainer, and coach who has helped our leadership team move forward together with a common understanding, direction, and focus of what we want to achieve as an organization. Ray has provided us with many valuable tools to make us a better organization and better people both inside and outside our agency.”
~Leo Huppert, Contract Manager, Arizona Cooperative Therapies