About Our Team

Ray Madaghiele, Master FacilitatorRay Madaghiele is a master facilitator, trainer, coach and speaker who has 30 years of experience helping hundreds of organizations improve their performance and solve big problems.

Ray guides organizations to make quantum leaps forward and quickly maximize their return on investment (ROI) in leadership and organizational development.

Ray has vast experience working with a diverse array of companies, non-profit organizations, and Native American communities and their enterprises.


Pershlie “Perci” Ami delivers custom-designed professional training to Native American communities and business organizations across the United States. Perci is an enrolled member of the Hopi/Tewa tribe from Arizona.

Perci combines Native wisdom and universal principles to assist individuals to discover their personal and professional path to success, balance, and happiness. She elevates thinking and living using Elder wisdom and values that have stood the test of time.


Lyn Madaghiele is a Relationship Marketing Consultant and Virtual Assistant who helps business owners and entrepreneurs stay connected, grow their businesses, and make more money.







Core Purpose

We inspire hope and awaken the greatness in individuals, organizations, and communities.


Core Values

We strive to exemplify the following core values:

Well-Engineered Processes – Our custom-designed group facilitations, training, coaching and speaking experiences are creative, organized, holistic, thoughtful, and expertly led by our competent professionals to meet the specific needs of each client we serve.

Inspiring Experiences and Resources – We are enthusiastic and optimistic about our message and design all our group and individual experiences to be uplifting, engaging, encouraging, and fun.

Lasting Relationships – We strive to establish long-term trusting relationships with our clients by delivering exemplary service, remembering always to treat our customers and each other the way we want to be treated—with integrity, respect, honesty, empathy and compassion.

Purposeful Communication – We understand the importance of good, quality communication for effective learning. We design our dynamic presentations, classes and coaching sessions to meet the diverse learning styles and preferences of our audiences—incorporating visual, auditory, kinesthetic, creative and analytical elements to convey our message.



We help help create cultures of character and success that inspire hope and awaken the greatness in people, organizations and communities.

We offer the following uplifting and engaging human and organizational development services and resources to help organizations get clear, get organized, get going and get results:
• Strategic Planning
• Group Facilitations
• Leadership Training/Workshops
• Leadership Success Coaching
• Keynotes
• Transformational Products



We are the best at providing transformational success services to enlightened leaders who aspire to make a lasting, positive difference in the world.